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In 1973 I was actually unable to take out a loan to buy a car in Arizona. I was employed full time as a nurse in the biggest hospital in Phoenix. I had to have my husband co-sign for it. “What if I were single?” I asked. I’d need to have my father co-sign it. What if he were dead? A brother, then. What if I were an only child or had only sisters? “Do you want the car or not?” When the payment book came in the mail my husband’s name was the only one on the coupons. I crossed out his name on every one and write the checks on my own account. He got the credit on his credit report. I got nothing. When we moved to California I started getting gas company credit cards in my own name, paying them off in full every month, and then department store cards, to establish my own creditworthiness. Sheesh.

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